“Dazzling” THE STAR
“Enraptured by the emotions” THE STAR
“Saucy, fun, catchy, delightful, rousing, mellow, soothing and exquisite” THE STAR
“再歌再舞赢掌声” 中国报
“赢尽观众的热烈掌声” 中国报
“华丽歌舞令人惊艳” 星洲日报

Dama is celebrating their creative journey thus far with a musical concert YOURS MUSICALLY − The Dama Favourites. This showcase will present musical highlights from the various critically-acclaimed and sold-out productions presented since the inception of Dama as a Classical Music Quintet in 1994. So we are inviting the public to join us in this rare musical sojourn of Dama and feast on a sumptuous musical repertoire that includes some of the best-loved Chinese, English, Malay, Indian and other language hit songs from Dama's various critically acclaimed productions:

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Event Hosts

  7 Oct 8.30pm*     8 Oct 8.30pm*
  13 Oct 8.30pm*     14 Oct 8.30pm*
15 Oct 8.30pm*

Creative Team
Khor Seng Chew
Director / Set Designer
Pun Kai Loon
Pun Kai Loon & Ian Ng Aik Soon
Composer & Music Arranger
Loo Fung Chiat & Loo Fung Ying
Concert Master
Gan Boon We
Re-staged Choreographer
Jojo Wong
Costume & Image Designer
Dominique Devorsine
Lighting Designer
Lim Ang Swee
Sound Engineer
Lim Wan Yee
Vocal Coach
Tan Soo Suan
Chinese Dialect Coach
Lee Jin Wen
English Dialect Coach
Sandra Sodhy
English Narrator
Sabera Shaik

Tria Aziz, Chang Fang Chyi, Joshua Gui, Liow Jun Yi, Rachel Tan, Tan Soo Suan, Tan Soo Tze, Evelyn Toh

Leslie Cheng, Alesia Dhana, Dorothy Foo, Sunday Khoo, Rich Mah, Jojo Wong, Kellen Yau, Alice Yee

Lim Kuo Yung
Chua Bee Lin
Pipa & Sanxian
Khor Seng Chew
Sara Heng
Keyboard 1
Loo Fung Ying
Keyboard 2
Loo Fung Chiat
Lai Foo Yuen
Drums & Yangqin
See Keh Fong
Gaohu & Erhu
Gan Boon We
Double Bass
Tee Hsien Onn
Production Team
Production Manager
Melissa Teoh
Stage Manager
Bobo Sing
Assistant Stage Manager
Woon Siew Yin
Assistant Sound Engineer
Jaslyn Niow
Sound Technician
Lim Hon Sang
Follow Spot Operator
Nicxon Tan
Set Coordinator
Simon Lee
Stage Crew
Mario Kong, Simon Lee, Keily Lim, Joanne Ooi, Smauel Tan, Joyce Tay
Wardrobe Mistresses
Elmira Efendieva, Anne Gola
Front-Of-House Manager
Evon Chan
Set Builder
Multi Shine Advertising Services
Additional Sound & Light
Chan Lee Sound & Light
Make-Up & Hair Stylist
A Cut Above
Make-up Products
Office Cosmetics
Studio DL & Low Mei Ling
NTC Video Production
Graphic Designer & Slide Operator
Grace Goh
Sponsorship Director
Faith Chong
Marketing & Promotions
Loke Kit Cheng
Executive Publicist
Cheah Ming Ying
Senior Project Executive
Eri Peng
Dama's Intern
So Li Xian, Eva Goh, Bernice Tay

Performance History
6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 Oct 2016, 8.30pm
9 / 16 Oct 2016, 3pm
Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)